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Very Caring and Seeking Justice

By Gail C.

There aren’t enough words to express how much I appreciate Moses Kim!
I started my case with another lawyer and due to unforeseen circumstances, my case was passed along to Moses. I am extremely thankful for that turn of events. As Moses got to know me and my case more intimately, he realized the need to have the case removed from the county of the defending lawyers to create a more even playing field.
Moses is a very caring person seeking only justice and what is rightly due to patients that have fallen victim to true malpractice. It took several years to collect information, secure credible expert physicians from several other states, and prepare a solid case that would stand strong in any courtroom. He kept me informed through each step of the process and asked if I was willing to wait for each portion.
He was patient with me, keeping my best interest at heart… best interest of what was due to me and best interest of what I could mentally and physically withstand over the course of the years. He was honest and never lead me to feel like a “paycheck”, I was an individual who became permanently disabled due to malpractice and he sought restitution for loss of my eyesight.
I cannot thank Moses enough and would recommend his services to anyone who is patient and willing to follow his lead. It is worth it in the end to expose medical wrongdoing in hopes it would spare someone else experiencing the same tragedy in the future!

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