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We are grateful for Moses and his team

By Lavanya P.

I don’t know where to begin .. we were introduced to Moses through a referral and thank god for that! The first time Moses met us at the hospital where our son was recovering from an injury – we immediately made a connection and he agreed to fight for our family.
His commitment to his clients shows through his hard work and ways through which he goes above and beyond to do the right thing! He left no leaf unturned as he fought for our son on what turned out to be a rigorous 6+ years of journey. He never gave up on the case and constantly worked on finding ways to help us get a favorable outcome. His team has the same passion and enthusiasm in him and they were a constant support for us through this excruciating process.
We are grateful for Moses and his team – we were lucky to have found the best lawyer our son could have ever had! Bonus is that we now have friends for life!

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