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Monthly Archives: October 2022


Chiropractor Accused Of Paralyzing Woman, 27

By The Moses Firm |

A Georgia chiropractor was seen trying to flee the state to Flint, Michigan, of all places after a botched procedure resulted in the paralysis of a patient. The patient suffered numerous strokes and heart attacks after four arteries ruptured during a neck-cracking procedure. The complication is a known risk of chiropractic medicine. In medical… Read More »

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Doctor, Hospital Deny Wrongdoing Amid Growing Number Of Malpractice Suits

By The Moses Firm |

As a medical malpractice attorney, you cannot simply file a lawsuit every time something goes wrong. Instead, you must compare the doctor’s treatment to the prevailing standard of care for the medical profession. Deviations from the prevailing standard of care are actionable when there is an injury. So deviation from the prevailing standard of… Read More »

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