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Atlanta IV Infiltration Lawyer

IV infiltration is a severe error that can have devastating impacts on patients. When nurses or doctors make mistakes, those errors can have life-altering or even fatal consequences for those receiving treatment. Medical providers must have policies to prevent these types of avoidable mistakes from causing harm to the individuals under their care. Of course, we often place our trust in doctors and their supporting staff at points in our lives when we are at our most vulnerable. If those providers are careless, they can do irreparable damage. In the case of IV infiltration, which involves the improper insertion of an IV that leads to fluid leaking from the vein and into the patient’s surrounding tissue, the patient may suffer from severe injuries to the skin and tissue, which in rare cases, may even lead to the need to amputate. If you suffered injuries resulting from IV infiltration, contact our Atlanta IV infiltration lawyer. Your injuries may be the result of medical malpractice, and you might be eligible to recover compensation.

Why Does IV Infiltration Occur?

IV infiltration is a mistake made by the nurse or other medical practitioner administering medication via an IV. Infiltration occurs when the solution moves from the vein and into the tissue surrounding the IV site. In some cases, the solution being administered will not be particularly dangerous and will only lead to irritation or discomfort for the patient. Other times, the medication or solution being administered to the patient may be hazardous when it leaks from the vein and the surrounding tissue. In those cases, which are technically referred to as extraversion, the patient will suffer from pain and a burning sensation. When extraversion happens, the consequences of the mistake may be particularly damaging.

How Do I Know if IV Infiltration Happened in My Case?

Symptoms of IV infiltration will often present soon after the error took place. Patients may experience their skin feeling cool to the touch, leakage coming from the insertion site, the tightness at the insertion area, swelling in the area around the insertion, and a burning sensation to the skin. Sometimes changes to the skin’s appearance may be visible as well. In some more serious situations, the issue can cause the patient’s limb to immobilize. The damage can harm the arteries, nerves and muscles in the individual’s arm and put them at risk for a permanent loss of function in that limb. Surgery may be required to repair the injury. It is important that patients suffering from this condition receive prompt treatment in order to prevent more serious damage. A variety of drugs are commonly administered intravenously that are dangerous when not properly injected into a vein. Patients should be aware of the treatments they are receiving and the risks involved.

How Do I Hold a Negligent Medical Provider Responsible for their Actions?

If you suffered an injury resulting from IV infiltration, it is important to understand your legal rights in pursuing a claim against the negligent nurse, doctor, or facility. To determine whether you have a valid malpractice claim against the provider, you should reach out to an Atlanta, Georgia medical malpractice attorney. Your attorney will evaluate your case to determine whether your medical provider acted in a way that would constitute negligence. Typically, to prove negligence, you must show that the provider failed to act as a similarly experienced provider would have in the same situation. Additionally, you will have to show that the failure to provide competent care resulted in injuries. If the provider was negligent and you suffered harm because of that negligence, you might be able to recover damages.

What Damages are Available for a Patient Who is Injured in an IV Infiltration Accident?

The amount of damages available in your case will depend largely on the nature and extent of your injuries. If you suffered severe harm, your damages would likely be greater than someone who suffered minimal injuries. The damages available will include compensation to cover your medical expenses as well as your projected future medical costs resulting from the error. Your lost income, including future projected lost wages, will also be included in the damages. Non-economic damages, which compensate for pain and suffering, disfigurement, and a loss of enjoyment of life, are also available to injured individuals. Family members may also have claims related to the injury, such as loss of consortium actions.

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