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Dancing Anesthesiologist Cleared in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

An anesthesiologist who filmed himself dancing during a liposuction procedure was cleared by a Georgia jury in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a former patient. The patient claimed that the procedure was botched. She was having the liposuction procedure performed on her posterior when the head surgeon and the anesthesiologist recorded themselves dancing. The doctor who performed the procedure was not named in the lawsuit, but the jury found that she was liable and not the anesthesiologist.

The doctor who performed the procedure was named in at least 9 medical malpractice lawsuits and has since her license to practice medicine was suspended for 2½ years as a result of numerous negligence claims. She was also accused of charging patients for procedures that she never performed.

Plastic surgery and medical malpractice 

Plastic surgeons are routinely accused of medical malpractice. Much of the time, they are accused of surgical malpractice when the patient’s procedure does not meet their standards. Those injured by negligent plastic surgeons face lifelong deformities to sensitive areas of their bodies. The resulting deformity can decrease confidence and harm their ability to pursue romantic relationships.

One patient who underwent various surgeries performed by the “dancing doctor” went into cardiac arrest during the surgery. She had to be taken to a local hospital. When paramedics arrived, there was a delay in bringing her to the hospital while the doctor closed up the patient. Paramedics say that they had to carry the patient down a flight of stairs because there was no elevator large enough at the facility to accommodate a stretcher. The patient suffered severe and permanent injuries as a result of the surgery. She was having the surgery performed so that she could look good for her wedding. Now, she needs round-the-lock, 24-hour care and requires a feeding tube.

She is one of 9 other patients who have filed lawsuits against the “dancing doctor”. The doctor would often film her surgeries and dance while they were being performed. She would post some of these videos to Instagram in order to raise her profile as an accomplished plastic surgeon.

Medical authorities say that the doctor falsely advertised herself as being board-certified in surgery and dermatology. However, she was only a board-certified dermatologist at the time. The doctor claims that she did nothing wrong and that the complications that her patients suffered as a result of her medical practice were out of her control. In Georgia, any physician with a medical license is allowed to practice surgery. So, technically, the doctor was allowed to perform the surgeries at the time. However, she cannot claim that she is a board-certified surgeon when she is not. That constitutes consumer fraud and resulted in (among other things) the suspension of her medical license.

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